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Lost on the Titanic: The Story of the Great Omar Binding

27 September 2022

The Great Omar was the most fabulous, elaborate and opulent binding ever created. It was embellished with over one thousand jewels, five thousand leather onlays and a hundred square feet of gold leaf, and took a team of craftsmen over two and a half years to make. It went down with the Titanic. This lecture tells the story of the making of the fabulous Great Omar. It is also the story of the renowned bookbinding firm of Sangorski and Sutcliffe – who were known for their elaborate jewelled bindings – and the men that made this extraordinary book. It also tells the moving story of life after the tragedy, and of one young man in particular, who decided against the odds to recreate the binding, a venture which itself is mired in tragedy and which occupied him for the rest of his life. 

Dominic Riley

Eagle, Dan Dare and the Art of Frank Hampson

25 October 2022

This is the extraordinary story of a million selling boy’s magazine created by a vicar and an art student in 1950. 20% of the readers were girls. This is the backstory of why and how they created this ground-breaking magazine and then sold it to Hulton Press. The lead story of Dan Dare was the only one to have its own full studio producing the weekly double-page spread. See how this studio worked and the graphic tricks artist Frank Hampson used to create reality. Why did the Ministry of Defence order six copies each week and what prize did David Hockney win in 1950? All is revealed in this lecture which obviously has some space elements in it – but it is really an amazing story of achievement, with artwork, ephemera and vintage film clips.

Howard Smith