Christmas quiz

Joan Knox, our Membership secretary, has thought of twenty questions for you to mull over with your morning coffee.   There are no prizes but the first person to email Joan ( with the 20 answers that agree with hers will be named in the next Newsletter.

  1. Which former Sussex home of Vanessa Bell became a refuge for the Bloomsbury Group artists?
  2. What do we know as the Great Omar and what finally happened to it?
  3. Name two artists credited with pioneering Cubism.
  4. Name the artist considered to be the first of the Renaissance artists and who painted the frescoes in a chapel in Padua.
  5. What movement was started by Kandinsky in his “Compositions”?
  6. Who painted a portrait of Winston Churchill which was later destroyed by Lady Churchill?
  7. His name translates as Bird and he is known for his frescoes and for perspective. Who is he?
  8. Who painted La Liberté Guidant le People?
  9. Who painted La Grande Odalisque?
  10. Who painted Le Radeau de la Medusa?
  11. Name the artist responsible for the “Wrapped Reichstag”.
  12. Which artist from the Netherlands is famous for painting geometrical puzzles and using curvilinear perspective?
  13. He illustrated works by Kenneth Graham and by A. A. Milne. Who was he and who did his daughter Mary marry?
  14. Who was the first female architect to win the Pritzker Prize?
  15. Which British architect designed the Metro Stations in Bilbao?
  16. Name the architect of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
  17. A ballet caused a riot in Paris at its premiere in 1913.  Name the title and the composer.
  18. Name the Dutch art forger who aged his paintings in an oven and duped many experts and, most famously, Hermann Göring?
  19. In 1917 an art Gallery in Paris was closed by the police following the display of a painting of a nude. Give the title of the work and the name of the artist.
  20. Who exhibited a controversial work entitled Fountain? What was it?

Good luck!