22 October 2019

The Model Wife: Effie Gray, Ruskin and Millais

Who were the women whose faces gaze out at us from the canvases of the Pre-Raphaelites? This lecture explores the private lives of a revolutionary group of Victorian artists, and the haunting stories of their loves – Lizzie Siddal, Janey Morris and Effie Gray. 

Dr Suzanne Fagence Cooper

26 November 2019

Art of the Home

The home, as the place of the most intimate experiences of life and personal identity is a significant subject in the art of many periods. As the nature and view of domestic life has altered over the past centuries so too has the symbolic role of the home in art, from the virtuous context for religious narratives in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, to the portraiture of polite society in the eighteenth, moral posturing in the nineteenth and new concepts of the home and family in the twentieth century. This lecture takes examples of the diverse depiction of the home over the centuries to explore how domestic life has changed as also its depiction and symbolic role in art.

Dr Anthony Buxton